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retrievers - some thoughts

hi folks

i want to write down some thoughts about the retrievers as whole thing
in d-i.

current state:
- retriever selection is completely done by anna.
- retriever don't provide any data to make the selection easier.

usefull things for the future:
- cdebootstrap try to use the retrievers.
- pere ask for support of multiple mirrors in cdebootstrap.

possible implmentation:
- each retriever registers a list of sources with information about the
  possible operations (the floppy retriever only have a limited set of
  available packages, net-retriever has anything)
- the packages files of each retriever is merged into one tree
  representation, so the programs only asks the retriever system to
  install the specified package.

further possibilities:
- apt-install may use the retrievers too and don't need to convert the
  retriver configs for standard apt.


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