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Installation-Feedback (- probs ???)

Hello dear Install System Team !

I have some feedback, and as I do not know, if you are the right address, so 
send it somewhere else, who might be the right partner.

Well, some things are making much problems with the installer, maybe, you can 
change it for other people. 


I am using the installation CD "woody" and wanted to install Debian on some 
different hardware.

Siemens P200 --- Hadware is  1 Adaptec 2940, and 1 GDT-Raid-Controller, normal 
Intel Pentium 3 Processor and 6 SCSI-Drives. Installation was not possible. 
Reason: Kernel bf2.4 doesn't want to load the required module, neither from 
CD nor from diskettes.

Kernel "compact" installed correctly the Adaptec module, but could not 
recognize reiserfs.
The installation-kernel was not able to load the reisermodule. My suggestion: 
Make Kewrnel bf2.4 with included SCSI-Controllers, and included Reiserfs. Is 
this possible ?

Notebook Acer Travelmate: Installationkernel hangs up (bf2.4) . Reason : 
Kernel looks for some NCRXXXX-somewhat hardware and hangs.
Suggestion: Make some small Notebook-installation-kernel with small necessary 
hardware (disc, scsi, floppy, ethernet, pcmcia) . That should be enough. 
The normal kernel will be installed in later progress at all !

O.k., now you will ask me, why nor use installation-kernel "compact". Resaon 
is: Kernel "compact" doesn't contribute reiserfs ! 

That, what I was missing was a small installation-kernel with no hardware 
recognition, the most important filesystems and network. Just the smallest 
things you need ! 

In the moment installation is very tricky. And thats a pity. 

I myself helped me, that I started with some SuSE-CD, making my partitions. 
Then restart. Then making some kernel with all the stuff I need, staring with 
lnx-bbc Lifefile system, mounting via network the boot-partition and 
transferring the correct kernel. Then making the server bootable. Now I can 
start the Server (Notebook) and compiling (or installing via dpkg) the kernel 
I want to use.

See the problem ? The problem is generally the installation-kernel. What you 
need is some kernel, with no hardware-recognition, so that it is possible to 
make the very first installation.

If this message will help us and others, I will be very pleased.

Thank you verty much for your attention !!!

Best regards

Hans-J. Ullrich


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