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Re: Package removals

* Martin Michlmayr <tbm@cyrius.com> [2003-09-20 16:52]:
| Since di-utils-mkfs, di-utils-mount-partitions, di-utils-mkswap and
| di-utils-partitioner have been removed, what should happen with the
| following bugs?  Closed, reassigned?
| di-utils-mkfs: 181975 185596
| 181975: wishlist: di-utils-mkfs: failure with unpartitioned hard drive
| 185596: wishlist: di-utils-mkfs: Verbose explanation when mkfs fails due to mounted disk
| di-utils-mkswap: 186289
| 186289: normal: di-utils-mkswap: Gives failure message if creating > 2 swap spaces
| di-utils-mount-partitions: 186290
| 186290: normal: di-utils-mount-partitions: Don't present parent dirs to be umounted
| di-utils-partitioner: 186288
| 186288: normal: di-utils-partitioner: partitioner fails if disk already in use

all of those bugs can be closed. It's now part of partitioner and
partconf, which are more robust for such things (I hope :-))


Thorsten Sauter

				(Is there life after /sbin/halt -p?)

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