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Re: updated powerpc debian-installer builds

Geert Stappers wrote:
On Sat, Sep 20, 2003 at 02:38:45PM +0200, Gaudenz Steinlin wrote:

[1] http://www.soziologie.ch/users/steinlin/d-i/

What is the reason for this "private" archive?
I'm not a DD. If you find these images useful, feel free to copy them to a more official location or to provide access to such a location to me.

gluck.d.o[1] only contains images for i386 and alpha. If someone tells me where to find the scripts that build these images I will have a look what needs to be done to adopt these scripts for ppc builds.

There also jigdo sarge files. I don't know if the jigdo generated images contain d-i.


[1] http://gluck.debian.org/cdimage/testing/netinst/

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