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Bug#211675: [BusyBox] [sgunderson@bigfoot.com: Bug#211675: busybox-cvs-udeb: fails to use internal libpwdgrp; breaks 'id' and others]

> ----- Forwarded message from "Steinar H. Gunderson" <sgunderson@bigfoot.com> -----

> coreutils/id.c (among others) uses a function called "my_getgrnam" from
> libbb.a, which in turn calls getgrnam() which it expects to find in
> libpwdgrp.a.  However, since GNU ld only searches .a files coming
> _later_ on the command line compared to the file it searches in, it
> never searches libpwdgrp.a and thus searches for it in libc.so.6 instead
> (where it finds it). Thus, it breaks at runtime since NSS is not
> available, and glibc can only do a small amount of /etc/{passwd,group}
> reading without libnss_files.so.2.

Ive applied the patch to busybox cvs.



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