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Re: Debian Installer - RAID0 SOFT

Hi Steve,

Thank you for reply-me back!

> The next incarnation of the Debian installer (which is what this mailing
> list is for) seems to have some support for LVM/EVMS.  For woody, the
> steps you describe above seem very correct, except for the need for a
> separate /boot partition.

But I have a separated /boot partition...


/dev/hda1 = /boot
/dev/hda2 = swap
/dev/hda3 = linux raid autodetect -\__ root (/)
/dev/hdb1 = linux raid autodetect -/

/dev/hda3 and /dev/hdb1 are /dev/md0 (/) root.

Booting from Debian CD, running lar1440.bin by blade I can create
/dev/md0, install debian on it, the problem, how I said, is boot
the machine.

How can I create an initrd booting from CD? When I try to do that
mounting /dev/md0 in /target and chrooting, mkinitrd fail because
/proc is null in the new /target (chroot).

I think if I create a initrd my problem will solve.

In make-kpkg have a option: --initrd, I have tried it but the
initrd imagem was not created... Is that option to create initrd?
Similar to mkinitrd ?

Steve, you have some other idea?

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