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Re: Debian-Installer HOWTO

|> Testing is now most appreciated becaause of the tight schedule for the
|> sarge release. Discussion takes place on the debian-boot mailing list:
|> http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/

I'm about to do a fresh install on a custom-built box and I'd love to
try the new installer.

But what kernel-images does it include?

I ask because the machine I'm installing on has an ASUS P4P800
motherboard and on the last install I did on such a system, I
discovered that the stock 2.4 kernels did not have support for its
onboard LAN controller (3COM 3C940). I had to go to an ac kernel patch
and then everything worked fine.

Is there support for this NIC in the kernel options that come with the
net install isos?

Thanks very much,


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