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Porting d-i


I send this mail to all people who showed porting activities for d-i in
the past (at least those who are named on the porters site).

Since aj has ambitious plans regarding the sarge release, we should
definitly put some work into ports to other architectures now. Looking
at http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/ports-status reveals
alarmingly many red fields.

I suggest the following:

1) Keep track of all porting issues on the above website. That gives the
release manager a quick overview how far we got. So if you have done
something that has not been noted yet on the porting site please add
that information.

2) For i386 we have regularly built testing images. The d-i team
provides the boot images, debian-cd make bootable cds with additional
stuff from them. I would love to see such a mechanism for other
architectures as well. So if you can build working d-i boot images for
your architecture please get in contact with the debian-cd team
(debian-cd@lists.debian.org) to integrate them in the cd building
mechanism. It would be greate if i386 would soon not be alone in that

Thanks and regards,

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