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Re: Bug#210967: quitting partconf leadas to postinst exited with status 7680

Martin Sjögren wrote:
> > error: partconf's postinst exited with status 7680
> Yes, as I've said before, partconf has to exit with nonzero exit code in
> this case, since it must not be marked as configured by udpkg and
> main-menu, because... it isn't configured. What we need, is a way to
> distinguish "failure" and "backed out", since this also applies to the
> <go back> button.
> I propose to use a standard exit code for this, I'm not sure what udpkg
> has to do... How will udpkg mangle the return code from the script into
> what it returns itself? It would be good if it could propagate so
> main-menu can see what has happened. In debconf, this is 30, and that's
> what partconf returns, I think that's a good choice.

udpkg does currently mangle exit codes; it prints the full wait code
(without calling WEXITSTATUS on it; 7680 >> 8 == 30), and always exits
with a 1.

see shy jo

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