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Re: Network card driver not found - bf24

#include <hallo.h>
* Uwe Dippel [Mon, Sep 01 2003, 11:33:12AM]:
> A minor hitch:
> While installing 3.0rc1 as default (Enter) on a DELL Inspiron 8100, the
> NIC-module (3c59x.o) is found and installed automatically.
> With bf24, it isn't. It requires manual intervention (and knowledge
> about the module) to install. 

And that is the normal way to go. Boot-floppies in Woody did not have
hardware autodetection.

> I doubt a 2.4-kernel issue, because RedHat 7.3 installs flawlessly as
> well.

They use modularized kernel with autodetection.

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