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[Woody] Rescue/boot floppy for custom 2.4.21 kernel?

(at first : sorry for the crossposting onto debian.user : I didn't know
there was a specific mailing-list about boot-disks)

Hello all,

I have a laptop computer and I would like to install Debian Woody on it.
The only one hard disk is fillen by a Windows 2000 NTFS partition (the main
operating system onto this laptop), and I do not have any right to
resize it.

I have found the TopologiLinux distribution :
The distribution (based on Slackware) allows the install of Linux onto NTFS
It creates two files onto NTFS : one for the "/" filesystem, the other one
for the swap device.
Then, at boot time, it searches/mounts those files in "loop" mode with r+w
allowances in order to transparently use it like any other Linux system.

It runs very well, but I am used/addicted to Debian/GNU Linux, and I would
like to install this distribution onto this computer.

The only thing I need (at this time) is a modified rescue/boot floppy disk
with a custom kernel on it in order to boot and then install Woody.

The kernel needed is 2.4.21 patched with the last NTFS-r+w-Driver.
NTFS has to be statically linked into the kernel.

So, at first, I have proceeded like this :

- from :
I have downloaded the kernel-source-2.4.21_2.4.21.orig.tar.gz file.
Then I have unpacked it into /usr/local/src.
- from :
I have downloaded the linux-2.4.21-ntfs-2.1.4a.patch file.
Then I have applied this onto the kernel into /usr/local/src.
- from :
I have downloaded the kernel-config file.
Then kernel-config into .config copied.

In order to make a test, I have not modified the kernel configuration : it
is the "Debian" configuration that I am going to use.

I have run the compilation like this :
make dep;make clean;make;make zImage

I obtain :

Root device is (7, 7)
Boot sector 512 bytes.
Setup is 4804 bytes.
System is 1450 kB
System is too big. Try using bzImage or modules.
make[1]: *** [zImage] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory
`/usr/local/src/kernel-source-2.4.21-2.4.21.orig/arch/i386/boot'make: ***
[zImage] Error 2
So, I have tried it with make bzImage :

Root device is (7, 7)
Boot sector 512 bytes.
Setup is 4804 bytes.
System is 1450 kB
warning: kernel is too big for standalone boot from floppy
make[1]: Leaving directory

Why is my kernel a lot bigger than the original Debian one?
Onto :
The kernel (linux.bin) is only 1.2M!

I thank you in advance for any advice/help,



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