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Bug#203852: llseek bug

tag 203852 + patch

This patch fixes the compile problem of fdisk.c

diff -ur -x '*.o' -x '*.a' busybox-cvs-0.60.99.cvs20030426/util-linux/fdisk.c my-busybox-cvs-0.60.99.cvs20030426/util-linux/fdisk.c
--- busybox-cvs-0.60.99.cvs20030426/util-linux/fdisk.c  2003-08-03 16:20:21.000000000 +0200
+++ my-busybox-cvs-0.60.99.cvs20030426/util-linux/fdisk.c 2003-07-26 04:19:24.000000000 
+0200 @@ -859,7 +859,11 @@
 static int _llseek( unsigned int fd, unsigned long offset_high,
unsigned long offset_low, loff_t *result, unsigned int whence)
+#ifndef __alpha__
        return(syscall(__NR__llseek, fd, offset_high, offset_low,
result, whence));
+       return(syscall(__NR_lseek, fd, offset_high, offset_low, result,

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