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ITP shell-parted and debconf-partitioner


I want to create a partitioner that communicates with the user using
debconf.  I am going to write this as a shell script rather that as a
C program.  Another package shell-parted will provide the partitioner
with shell-bindings to parted.  I think this C+shell approach will be
easier to maintain than if I write the program entirely in C.

Now let me describe shortly the user interface of the partitioner.

1. "Please choose a storage device to operate with:".  Then follows a
list of the available devices and an option "Exit the partitioner".

2. "Please choose a partition or a free space to operate with:".  Then
follows a list of the available partitions and free space on the
choosed device.  They will be listed in this manner:

#1   300Mb   fat16   FreeDos (C:), Debian GNU/Linux (/dos)
#5   20Gb    ext2    Debian GNU/Linux (/home)
     558Mb   free space

3. If the user choosed a partition, then there are options to delete,
resize, format, mount, etc.

4. If the user choosed a free space then there are some options to
create, format and mount a new partition.

This partitioner will provide partitioned-harddrives,
made-filesystems, mounted-partitions and created-fstab.

Anton Zinoviev

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