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Re: Iterating over the debconf answers using cdebconf?

[Martin Sjögren]
>> Anyone know?  I want to pass on some debconf values from
>> d-i/cdebconf to debconf in the installed system.
> Are you sure it's a good idea to simply copy everything to the target
> system? Wouldn't it be better to only copy specific things, in a smart
> way? Preferrably modular so any udeb can do it (via prebaseconfig?)

I am pretty sure that it is not a good idea to copy everything to the
target system.  That is why I wrote 'some debconf values', and not
'all debconf values.

But I do want a readable dump of the current values, and the example
script is the one I use to do that for the debconf database.  I would
like a similar dump for cdebconf.

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