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Bug#203245: installation: buffer overflow when choosing a hostnqme (install option : network)

mån 2003-07-28 klockan 23.35 skrev Robert CHERAMY:
> On Mon, Jul 28, 2003, Martin Sjögren wrote:
> > > I choosed to install with the "net" option. While giving the hostname, I
> > What do you mean "net" option?
> In the boot prompt, I choosed net instead of the default installation :
> boot: net

That kind of defeats the purpose of using the netinst CD as opposed to
netinst floppies... The purpose was to boot the 'cdrom' target, set up
d-i from the CD and then do the rest over the net.

Oh well, you do whatever you like, of course, if you prefer downloading
40+MB and then only using 1.44M of it... ;) The problem is that that
floppy is hideously out of date, since the net floppy hasn't fit on a
single floppy for a long time, so you're testing old stuff.

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