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Re: cvs commit to debian-installer/tools/cdebconf/src/modules/frontend/newt by mckinstry

fre 2003-07-25 klockan 00.15 skrev mckinstry@debian.org:
> Update of /cvs/debian-boot/debian-installer/tools/cdebconf/src/modules/frontend/newt
> In directory gluck:/tmp/cvs-serv18715/src/modules/frontend/newt
> Modified Files:
> 	newt.c 
> Log Message:
> Swap the "Go back" and "Continue" buttons to the more intuitive way round

I dunno... Since you have to use tab to move between the buttons, I
think it's important that <Continue> is easy to reach. You will want to
<Continue> more often than <Go back>. I don't know how relevant it is,
but in RH's newt interface in Anaconda, the buttons are
  "<Continue>   <Back>"
and I think it's reasonable.

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