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Re: yaboot-installer needs additional files

Chris Tillman wrote:

On Wed, Jul 23, 2003 at 11:23:42AM +0200, Gaudenz Steinlin wrote:
1. In yaboot-installer's postinst make symlinks to these files from the
installer disk to the files in /target (they are all there). Rather
hackish solution, but it works, I tested it.
and adding this is the way boot-floppies does it now. (but boot-floopies
are one big hack, so this is not realy a good argument...)
2. call yabootconfig and ybin in a chroot environment. to make this work
we need to also mount /proc inside the chroot (needed by yabootconfig
and ybin).

yabootconfig has a -t switch which will make it operate as if in a chroot.
Strangely, ybin does not; but yabootconfig runs mkofboot which does the
same thing.
No, -t target does not exactly do that. It installs yaboot.conf in
/target/etc and set root to the partition that is mounted on /target.
But all the programs needed for the operation of yabootconfig are not
searched on /target but on /. (and that's what I was talking about)
This also explains why ybin does not need -t because everything it needs
to know is in yaboot.conf, so you need "ybin -C /target/etc/yaboot.conf"


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