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Re: debian-installer

[相山 長和]
> 1. kernel-installer fails to link /target/boot/initrd.img* to
> /target/initrd.img; thus lilo fails to add initrd= line.  And kernel
> image assumes /initrd.img; then lilo installation fails.  I did the
> following after kernel install

This is a bug in the newer kernel packages.  It is being worked on.

> 2. /target/etc/hostname is set to localhost; thus after rebooting
> menu choice, but before pressing return which installer request,
> edit hostname file to correct hostname.

I suspect this only happen on CD install.  We are discussing if
hostname setting is the responsibility of debian-installer or

> 3. If your NIC is on the NIC menu list, then /target/etc/modules
> file is ok for the NIC; otherwise modules file is written with full
> path and module.  Thus just like 2. before pressing return, strip
> the path to the module.

Sounds bad.  Patches welcone. :)

> Except above minor bugs in the 1st stage installer, it is good to
> use as an installer.  I really appreciate the effort of installer
> team.  I have not found any bugs in the 2nd stage installer.

Sounds good.  The second stage is the same as the one used in woody,
so it should be well tested. :)

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