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Re: powerbook 17" install

Brendan J Simon wrote:
I think I need the extra udebs that are on your website but I don't know where to put them. Can you please let me know where to put them on my filesystem. I currently have the vmlinux and net-initrd.gz files in the root directory of my macosx partition. Is this where the extra udebs should go ???
If you install with the net-initrd.gz as initial ramdisk you don't need these udebs. They are already included on the ramdisk. You only need them, if you make a new installer ramdisk.

BTW: udebs are new to me. I assume they mean micro-debs. Is this correct? Is this a new format just for the installer or for other things too?
They are special micro udebs only used on installer ramdisks. Basically the are normal deb's, but they do not completly comply to the debian policy in the sense that they only contain the files absolutly needed for the installer and no manpages, docus and so on.


Gaudenz Steinlin wrote:

Am Mit, 2003-07-02 um 15.37 schrieb Brendan J Simon:
Gaudenz Steinlin wrote:

Am Mit, 2003-07-02 um 13.56 schrieb Brendan J Simon:

Hi Gaudenz,

Where are these new images. I downloaded the ones at http://www.soziologie.ch/users/steinlin/d-i/ but they are same as the ones I downloaded the other night. Am I looking in the right place ???

If the really are the same, then you have the newest images:
10da2c2c7cd9ff520d343fb51b5c7517  net-initrd.gz
78610a19ad171b066f20808ccaf6a86b  vmlinux


I just download again and got the following:
   $ md5sum net-initrd.gz vmlinux
   9507baf62851869029b972a72cdd5249  net-initrd.gz
   bfbf6f02419f37cfde56aa76e6b774dc  vmlinux

The web page also says "last update: 06/16/2003". Either I've got the wrong URL or there is a caching problem somewhere.

Indeed there seems to be a caching problem! I updated the page last
night. It says now "last update: 07/02/2003".


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