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Debian Installer hangs

Dear List

Installing Debian (Debian Alpha Port) on a rawhide with a diskaray
connected to a QLogic HVD (ISP 1040)* leads to a kernel panic:

	VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 01:00

If I connect a single SCSI Drive to a Symbios Card, removing all
QLogic-Adapters, I can install Debian. With such an installation and
having connected the diskarray afterwards, I can access the array and
use the disks (unfortunately there is no space to mount a single drive
in the box nowhere, so I must use the diskarray solely). With this, I
just want to state the hardware is basically working with Debian...

What I have tried so far, with same results:
  - use LordSuch's Netinst (from CD)
  - use the rescue- and rootdisk (from floppy)
  - preformat the disks in the array with ext3 and bsd disklabels (bsd
    disklabels are needed for debian-alpha to boot)
  - with unformatted and unpartitioned disks
  - different scsi cabling and changing PCI slots
  - using bootflag rootfstype
  - googling to get other hints...
What else can I try?

What does the number 01:00 in the error-message mean? If I change the
cabling, sometimes I get 02:00 or even 08:00.

Thank you for your help!

Regards, Adrian.

Scheme of Hardware:
_____________________                      __________________
RAWHIDE-QLogic(KZPBA)>-----SCSI-Cable-----<Clone of Sun D1000
---------------------                      ------------------

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