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Re: Debian Installer building (getting rid of user-mount hack and typo)

[Thomas Viehmann]
> Recently, an updated syslinux got uploaded. It does not insist on
> mounting images anymore. I've created a patch eliminating
> USER_MOUNT_HACK from the $(IMAGE) target in
> d-i/build/arch/linux-i386. (But not from the clean target, this
> might be added now or later.)

This sounds very good.  Where is the patch?  Is it commited?

> While testing (with "fakeroot make fakeroot make image", or rather
> with "TYPE=net FLOPPY_SIZE=2880" added due to disk full errors), I
> noticed that the assignment of the UDEBS variable at the top of
> d-i/build/Makefile has (for the kernel udebs) a "\n" on the
> subsitution side of a sed s/.../.../ command, which does not work
> with the woody version of sed. While this is clearly a minor to no
> bug, I think a space would work as well in that situation.

Where is this patch?  Is it commited?

> Possibly, the elimination of USER_MOUNT_HACK should wait until
> syslinux 2.0.4 hits testing.

I do not think it matters, as d-i need to build on Sid, as far as I

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