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cvs commit to extract by cts

Repository: extract
who:        cts
time:       Mon Jun 23 21:29:42 MDT 2003
Log Message:
  merged JOULE and CUSP extract version
  Vendor Tag:	vendor
  Release Tags:	start
  N extract/00readme
  N extract/Makefile
  N extract/bits.c
  N extract/bits.h
  N extract/buffer.h
  N extract/cusp.h
  N extract/decode_header.c
  N extract/decode_header.h
  N extract/efield_eval.c
  N extract/efield_eval.h
  N extract/efield_strip.c
  N extract/efield_strip.h
  N extract/error.c
  N extract/error.h
  N extract/files.c
  N extract/global.h
  N extract/joule.h
  N extract/link1.c
  N extract/link1.h
  N extract/link1_buffer.c
  N extract/link1_buffer.h
  N extract/link1_frame.c
  N extract/link1_frame.h
  N extract/link2.c
  N extract/link2.h
  N extract/link2_analog.c
  N extract/link2_analog.h
  N extract/link2_buffer.c
  N extract/link2_buffer.h
  N extract/link2_frame.c
  N extract/link2_frame.h
  N extract/link2_hf.c
  N extract/link2_hf.h
  N extract/link2_plot.c
  N extract/link2_plot.h
  N extract/lp_eval.c
  N extract/lp_eval.h
  N extract/lp_strip.c
  N extract/lp_strip.h
  N extract/mag_eval.c
  N extract/mag_eval.h
  N extract/main.c
  N extract/main.h
  N extract/nr.h
  N extract/plasma.c
  N extract/plasma.h
  N extract/trajectory.c
  N extract/trajectory.h
  N extract/util.c
  N extract/util.h
  No conflicts created by this import


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