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Bug#197922: anna: do not handle low-memory / full ram disk situation

reassign 197922 udpkg

ons 2003-06-18 klockan 17.16 skrev Petter Reinholdtsen:
> Package: anna
> Version: 0.030
> When trying to install in VMWare with 24 MB ram, the installation
> loops when anna is selected.  I install with DEBCONF_PRIORITY=high, so
> the main menu is not displayed.
> The installatin continues until the ram disk is full, and then prints
> 'corrupted status flag!!', and 'Terminated' in between the progress
> information.

anna is rigorous in its return code checking, but udpkg seems pretty
lacking in that (see for example dpkg_dounpack, if ar | tar... fails, it
still returns 0).

Martin Sjögren
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