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Re: 2003-06-14 Install failure report

[Davide Meloni]
> 1) when the installer starts it recognize my eepro100 NIC but it
> can't load the module and asks me for a floppy with these module,
> I've bypassed the problem opening a console and loading the module
> manually!

No idea.  Must be some problem with the module dependency file.

> 2)I have a segfault during base-installer! 
> When the installer tries to validate the package
> adduser_3.50_all.deb it retourn me an error saying "corrupted files"
> and the procedure dies I see that this kind of problem was just
> reported to attention of ML...  I've tried some way to bypass the
> problem by modifying the /usr/lib/debootstrap/functions but it
> doesen't work!

Try to install the dash-udeb installer module.  It will hide the
problem with busybox-udeb.

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