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Re: d-i boot image too large


 I started fiddling with the default configuration for x86 kernel
 udebs and ended up with what is attached. Size went down ~38k:

 753834 2003-06-15 15:27 bzImage
 732753 2003-06-15 15:40 bzImage

 Then I tried compressing the same image with upx:

 2010903 ->    894819   44.49%    linux/386    foolinux

 That's ~179k larger than bz2 compressed one. This was 
 with upx 1.24 in unstable.. the one using non-free
 nrv compression library is supposed to be able to
 do a lot better, but we cannot use it. Perhaps we
 can use upx on busybox etc. 

 Anyway, it starts to be time to get the kernel configuration
 done, so images can be build. I did not even find kernel 
 udebs for all archs, so that is propably one of the first
 things to take care of. Who should be bugged about those?


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