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patch for mkfstab, bugs, failure report

This seems way too simple, but is the attached patch enough to fix the
TODO item about calling mkfstab in base-installer? 

The only complication I can think of is that partconf-mkfstab might
not be installed at the time that base-installer is installed. 

Also, I notice that you don't get the option to use ext3 in the
"Configure and Mount  Partitions" step if you don't go through the
"Partition a hard drive" step. It seems like the ext3 module should be
loaded by the configure and mount step if its not present already. 

Also, I'm sure you know this by now, but base-installer failed to
download the release file. I'm using the official netinst cd from
yesterday. I chose cdrom retreiver, and the last thing before the
failure was 

I: Retrieving http:///debian/dists/sarge/Release
E: Failed getting release file http:///debian/dists/sarge/Release

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--- postinst.orig	Sun Jun  8 14:15:17 2003
+++ postinst	Sun Jun  8 14:03:41 2003
@@ -71,6 +71,8 @@
     cp /target/etc/fstab /target/etc/fstab.orig
     echo "# UNCONFIGURED FSTAB FOR BASE SYSTEM" >> /target/etc/fstab
+    /usr/lib/partconf/mkfstab

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