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Re: Status of PowerPC Debian Installer.

Hi Sven

great offer!

Sven Luther wrote:
I will probably be doing some debian-installer work for the Pegasos
powerpc motherboard in the next time. As such, i would like to enter in
contact with who is currently working on debian-installer for ppc. I am
also trying to get an idea of the current status of debian-installer in
general and on powerpc in particular. I will try reading the mailing
list archive, and i just subscribed to the list, so i will get some idea
of this, but if someone feels like giving me a quick status report or
something, it would be kind.

I have tried to port debian-installer to powerpc in the last few weeks. But there is still a lot left to do ;-)

What's almost working (or patches are pending):
- text frontend
- installation of base system with some manual interaction
- manual partitioning
- booting from cd (with patch to build/Makefile)
- I have built some local udebs for things not yet in the archive, I will put them online somewhere

what I had a look at, but is not jet tested or working:
- autopartkit: I only have one harddisk, with one free partition. I would rather not destroy all data on this disk. So I looked a little at the code, but I did not give it a try. It was not clear wheter the code will repartition the whole disk (as the warning says) or use the free space (as some code suggested) - making cd images including the base system, I did not yet figure out how to arrange things on cd - yaboot installer fails on my system, I did not have time to investigate this

what I did not look at:
- I only have a TiBook first generation. I did not test anything on any other powerpc computer. So oldworld or non-mac problems are out of scope for me. - any other installer frontend than text. Specially I do not know if the directfb/gtk-directfb solution for a graphical frontend will work on powerpc or if this is i386 specific - autodetection of hardware. There is some work underway to make use of discover2 (see other thread)...

- gaudenz

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