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Re: 48 bit LBA

#include <hallo.h>
* Henry Gunter [Fri, May 16 2003, 08:21:22AM]:
> I originally posted a request for assistance on this on 5/10, with no
> response. I am a new to Linux and debian. Am I doing something wrong or is
> this something that is not covered on this list?
> I am tiring to install debian on a newly built system. Gigabyte main-board
> GA-7VKMLS, AMD Athlon 1700 processor, 1GB memory, VIA KM266/VT8233A chipset
> and a Maxtor 160GB hard-disk. I have confirmed that the chipset and system
> BIOS support the 48 bit LBA necessary to address drives past 137GB. I have


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