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Re: boot floppies problem during installation

#include <hallo.h>
* Ralf Nolden [Fri, May 09 2003, 10:09:41AM]:
Content-Description: signed data

> > > Well, I originally *assumed* that would be the problem - I just could see
> > > that the hanging process is rmmod - which brought me to the quick
> > > assumption that the module can't be removed (and is therefore compiled
> > > in). But I'm
> >
> > I cannot reproduce this. And even if I could, file a bug against
> > modutils. Rmmod should exit immediately if the module is not loaded.
> Ok, I tested the installation with regard to modutils. Using the version in 
> woody (2.4.15-1) works but the version in unstable (2.4.21-2) triggers the 
> hang in rmmod.

So. And what is the problem with Woody running with Woody's version of

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