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Bug#192305: "q to end, b for begin" ambiguous

On Thu, 8 May 2003, Mario Lang wrote:

> Drew Scott Daniels <umdanie8@cc.UManitoba.CA> writes:
> > Package: cdebconf
> > Severity: minor
> >
> > This could almost be a wishlist item, re-prioritize if desired. I hope you
> > don't feel this is too much of a nitpicking issue.
> >
> > "q to end,  b for begin" I feel is ambiguous and may mislead people.
> > E.g.'s, someone wants to go to the end of the list hitting q, someone
> > finished selecting wanting to "begin" the action on their selected
> > items...
> >
> > I wrote up some other possible short examples (could be mixed&matched).
> > "s to stop" and "l for list's top"
> > "a to act" and "r to relist"
> > "q to quit select" and "r to refresh list"
> > "e to exit selections" and "b to goto list top"
> > "q to quit select" and "b to begin list"
> >
> > My first choices would be: "q to quit select" and "b to begin list"
> What about "q to finish" and "b for begin"?
Better, but imho not the best. Maybe the best given limited space.

     Drew Daniels

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