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Bug#192305: "q to end, b for begin" ambiguous

tor 2003-05-08 klockan 12.13 skrev Mario Lang:
> > I wrote up some other possible short examples (could be mixed&matched).
> > "s to stop" and "l for list's top"
> > "a to act" and "r to relist"
> > "q to quit select" and "r to refresh list"
> > "e to exit selections" and "b to goto list top"
> > "q to quit select" and "b to begin list"
> >
> > My first choices would be: "q to quit select" and "b to begin list"
> What about "q to finish" and "b for begin"?

"finish" is good, but shouldn't it be 'f' then? :) (and this should be
translated) I don't like "b for begin" or "b to begin" because you *have
already begun*, I would prefer "t for top of list" or something like
that, because that's what you're getting!

Martin Sjögren
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