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about a full disk...


as a very new user, type:housewive, I wanted to install

debian on my laptop, everything went fine, I made disk partitions (only for linux) because I heard it is better to separate partitions for boot sector, swap, and userfiles....

I have made four partitions (one primary, 15Mb for my compaq armario 1500c BIOS stuff/compaq diagnostics)

then a 600Mb for the bootable linux

then 150MB for swap

and then another two logical partitions of the remaining disk (approx 3Gb)

I booted with woodys first disk, everything fine, produced a boot diskette, and then went on to install further packages: the desktop environment, tex/LaTex, and others

at the end I got a message saying, that something went wrong, and it suggested to just retry installing the stuff which I did, but in the end I jsut got messages that it was unable to write to disk because disk was full.

(I think I made the error of just letting debian decide where to put things, and wanted too much, and then my disk was full)

I want to do it better, but I cannot restart the computer and delete stuff, neither from the CD, nor from the boot disk (which then goes to the root section on the harddisk (hda)

in the booting process recognizes all partitions and then stops 5 min because tried to respawn to fast, tries another ten files and stops for five min because respawn to fast...

what can I do to delete the stuff and start all over????

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