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RE: how to install debian....

 --- Michelle Konzack <linux4michelle@freenet.de>
wrote: > 

> >7) What will happen to the disk space that I dont
> >partition/mount etc.. e.g. if I partition 20GB in 4
> >pieces of 5GB each and name them L M N (no name for
> >4th) and mount them as /lll, /mmm, /nnn (4th not
> >mounted) then what? did I just threw my money in
> >water? What exactly should I do in order to use the
> >extra surplus space?
> If you Boot your CD, partition the Harddisk like: 
> hda1    pri     /               500 MByte       ext3
> hda2    pri     swap            300 MByte       
> hda3    pri     /tmp           2000 MByte       ext3
> hda5    log     /usr           3000 MByte       ext3
> hda6    log     /var           1000 MByte       ext3
> hda7    log     /var/log        200 MByte       ext3
> hda8    log     /home          the rest of HD   ext3

Yes, thats a real help!!! Just what I was looking
for... thanks Michelle! btw, are these safe vales, or
just "about" values? What I mean is, where on the
scale of "never-run-out-of-space Versus
use-minimum-required-n-save-space" are these values? 

Another sub-question out of curiosity, this list
doesnot show "hda4"??

Also, this is ridiculous, but i want to ask... if i
want to put "rest of HD" not all under one partition
and name it /home, are there any "standard" names for
those partitions? surely i can give it any name i
like, but it just feels nice to have a directory with
some nice name rather than, say "/svkdir1"... What i
am asking is suggestions for nice "professional" style

Yes, one question that is drilling me... there's a
warning somewhere on debian site about "true-parity"
and "false-parity" and "non-parity" RAM. How serious
is this issue FOR DEBIAN? Also, how to find out if
something I'm going to buy is "true parity" or not?
Can I do away with a "ECC" memory and "ECC" board or
do i need to have true-parity memory from somewhere?


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