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Re: Question on Debian Woody install (ref Bug# 139432)

On Mon, May 05, 2003 at 10:31:23PM +0200, Niels Bakker wrote:
> Chris,
> Thanks for the reply. I doubt that the MD5sum is wrong (but still have 
> to doublecheck) since it's on a CD I've used before without problems.
> Lack of resources should not be the problem, although 260MB HDD and 32MB 
> mem (for a small server) is not very much.
> I tried to do the extract as Matt Kraai suggests:
> On Fri, Mar 29, 2002 at 07:25:08AM -0800, Matt Kraai wrote:
> >Howdy,
> >
> >Would you please invoke the commands by hand on tty2 after this
> >failure occurs?  It runs the following commands in /tmp/drivers:
> >
> > zcat /instmnt/3.0.21/mac/drivers.tgz | tar -x
> > ./install.sh /target
> The extract (first command 'zcat...') works, althgough I first have to 
> create a directory 'drivers' in /tmp (did not yet exists). Two files 
> 'modconf.tgz' and 'pcmcia.tgz' have appreared in /tmp/drivers, now.
> But the 2nd step fails, since there is not any 'install.sh' around.

install.sh is inside drivers.tgz (You can check by substituting -t in
the zcat command). So I suspect that extracting into the /tmp
directory, which is on the ramdisk, that you're running out of
space. You could confirm with df, but that's what's happened to me
before. Instead, try extracting in /target/tmp which is on your hard

> If I know what to do with the extracted files 'modconf.tgz' and 
> 'pcmcia.tgz' and how to get them onto the target harddrive mounted on 
> '/target'. Or can I just extract the two TAR-balls to /target? If this 
> works, I will probably move on to the next step somehow...
> Have you got any experience with this or should I try and contact Matt 
> Kraai on this subject?

install.sh knows exactly what to do, you just have to get that
out of the original drivers.tgz.

Matt is a great programmer, and very familiar with boot-floppies,
which is why he chimed in. It's better to leave the discussion on 
the list, and whoever can help will.

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