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suggested section for intall manual for fdisk failure


I had problems following the install manual because the first boot
would always fail, I now know this is due to cfdisk.

As it appears no one else is having this problem with cfdisk, I suggest
a "what to do if first boot fails" setion for the install manual.

Debian 3.0r0 (and 3.0r1) installing from CD onto
1.4ghz Athlon Thunderbird with 512mb and a 20gb seagate IDE hard disk
as primary master (also two IDE CDROM drives on secondary).

I had a single partition (windows) and I wanted to replace it
completly, following through the standard boot-floppies was no problem
and cfdisk ran with no errors(and i made sure I wrote changes before
quiting), the install continued as if x number of partitions had been
created correctly (I tried numerous partition configuartions thinking
that was my problem), i.e. it reognised the swap partition and
initialsed it and the same with a std Linux partition. 
All was fine until the reboot, it always failed (Kernel panic could not
mount root).
I would restart the install from the CD and cfdisk would still report
my old win95 partition.
Only when I swithed to tty2 and ran fdisk and created the partitions
was it successfull.

I also tried creating the partitions with cfdisk and then just using
fdisk to write changes but this gave me errors on reboot that the
partition table was corrupt.

In closing I think it would be a good idea to offer a foot note or
"problems with 1st boot" which would simply suggest that if cfdisk
appears to show old data to use fdisk via tty2.

I searched long and hard on the internet (google groups etc) for
information regarding this kernel panic and Lilo not realising the
issue is with cfdisk.

thanks for an otherwise floorless install ;)

Later ...


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