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On Sun, Mar 30, 2003 at 12:16:44PM +0200, Martin Sj?gren wrote:
> sön 2003-03-30 klockan 11.49 skrev Alastair McKinstry:
> > chroot is used in a bunch of code - the lilo, grub code etc install lilo
> > on /target then run chroot /target /sbin/lilo
> > similarly for a lot of prebaseconfig stuff. It could be removed from the
> > initial floppy, however.
> Exactly, that'd be in the stage1 udeb (stage0 being everything up until
> anna runs, stage1 being the rest of d-i and stage2 being base-config, in
> my terminology)

The definition of 'Stages' is not yet in the d-i documentation.

Below is a proposal to patch it against design.txt

Beware, I'm trying two fix two things at one time:
 Defining Stages and enforcing a single boot image ( kernel + initrd ) disk

diff -u -r1.6 design.txt
--- doc/design.txt      18 Sep 2002 16:24:45 -0000      1.6
+++ doc/design.txt      3 Apr 2003 18:00:12 -0000
@@ -2,6 +2,7 @@

 1. initial boot off of install media (floppy, cd)
   - Syslinux (or other loader) is run, and it boots the kernel
+  (Stage0)
 2. kernel boot
   - The kernel sets up an initrd, runs the installer.
 3. installer
@@ -9,11 +10,19 @@
     initrd), and chooses one of them.
   - Starts up and configures the UI.
   - Configures enough so that some udebs can be retrieved.
+  (Stage1)
 3.5 Main installer
   - Main menu runs (see ui.txt).
+  (Stage2)
 4. reboot into a full debian system
   - Since the system was installed with a minimal kernel that cannot talk to
     the hard drive, an initrd must be used. The initrd has a syslinux file on
     it, and a set of modules. It just loads the modules, in a certain order,
     with certain parameters, and then lets the kernel pass control to init.
   - Set up all packages that need to be set up (timezone, password, etc, etc).
+ Stage0: being everything up until anna runs
+   which fits on a single 1.44M diskette
+ Stage1: being the rest of Debian Installer
+ Stage2: being base-config

Geert Stappers

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