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Building d-i, no longer Further difficulties with install

On 15 Mar 2003, Tollef Fog Heen wrote:

> * 
> | I don't see any build instructions there though. 
> build/README perhaps?
In the interests of encouraging people to improve the documentation....
 - install the build-dependancies on the host system

Where are these build-dependancies listed? I thought the question was
asked and answered on the list in the last few days, but I can't find it

I plan to build in a chroot environment, and there's precious little in there.

For starters, it's woody. If there's no list, would someone mail a woody
package list to $(echo debian@computerdatasafe.com.au | sed -e s=debian=summer=) 
for a system that does build d-i and I will tell you what I needed to
add to my system.



John Summerfield

Please, no off-list mail at all at all. This address accepts mail only from Debian lists.

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