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Re: gtk frontend to installer

On Mon, Mar 03, 2003 at 07:50:03PM +0100, Sebastian Ley wrote:
> Hello,
> since we are getting more people willing to help on the gtk-frontend
> for debian installer, we should coordinate our efforts more, so that
> no duplicate work is done. If no one objects I will collect the work
> regarding the graphical frontend and provide it on the webpage. That
> will it make easier for others to quickly get an overview of our
> progress, and will also help greatly once we enter a testing phase.

yes, you've done a great job of this so far. 

> For now I would be very glad, if you could scrutinize my
> recommendations for library udebs which you can find at the end of the
> webpage. Some of these things have been discussed with other DDs
> others are just product of my personal experience. Since I am not an
> experienced packager any comments on it are welcome.

my only question is about shlibdeps. Tollef said something to me about
shlibdeps-udeb. Did I just hallucinate that?

> Thank you all for your work,
> Sebastian
> P.S.: I could easily create an alias
> sebastian.ley-di@mmweg.rwth-aachen.de which forwards mail to arbitary
> adresses. Anyone interested in participating in such a list to
> coordinate our efforts, exchange questions and experiences?

I would strongly suggest that our discussion take place on
debian-boot!  That way other people can see all the great work being
done and join in! I'll cc -boot on this as well...

michael cardenas       | lead software engineer, lindows.com
hyperpoem.net          | GNU/Linux software developer
people.debian.org/~mbc | encrypted email preferred

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