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installing on Dell Inspiron 2650 Laptop

Disc #1
initial release and Release 1.

The install of "woody" on the laptop
goes fairly smoothly, until the point of
the installing of base system (?)
it prompts the user either "automatic"
or "manual" configuration?
I picked "automatic", it goes through
and installs the various packages.
However, if finds a problem with
"iptables" say it is corrupt
and then aborts the install.
The same problem occurs with
"disc 2" as well.

There appears to be no way to get
re-prompted for a "manual".

I have installed "woody" on another
older system with no problems.
I downloaded a newer version of
the iso and got the same results.

Eventually, I was forced to use RedHat
Linux 8.0. which installed with no problems.
So the machine is capable of running Linux.
I would perfer to run Debian, but I don't
have a lot of time to devote to working
around the install.
It would be nice if there was someway of
working around the problem.
I copy the package from another
source and continue, etc.



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