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Re: LVM config udeb?

[Thorsten Sauter]
> I'm currently writing a frontend for the lvm (create/change pv/vg/lv).
> I don't think we should use the evms gui, because it doesn't fit in the
> current d-i gui, and there is no other useful frontend available in the
> web.
> After some tests with lvm and lvm2 I have found out, that the
> configuration tools follow the same syntax, so it's up to the user which
> version he would like to use. lvmcfg will support both versions.
> Any suggets for this?

Not really.  I'm working on similar things for autopartkit, but is
still thinking about how to design it.  I want to be able to create
several volume groups, and several logical volumes on top of these.
And I want all this to be created automatically without any manual
interventions. :)

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