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Bug#182349: anna: Should reload packages file if something went wrong last time

Martin Sjögren wrote:
>>One gets invalid packages files every so often (e.g. during mirror update).
>>However, probably whishlist is better.
> Well, even if the Packages files aren't verified for integrity right
> now, they will be as soon as Release file support is added (which is
> waiting for the archive to adapt the Release file :P).
Then, if it won't let me redownload the release file when something doesn't
match the release file, I shall file another bug.
(d-i seems to be very strict with me when it comes to order of things...)

> Also, how will it help to get a new Packages file right again, won't it
> be just as broken?
The order in which the mirrors take actions doesn't seem to be particulary
predictable. So really, if something in the chain
Release.gpg->Release->Packages->.*\.u?debs fails, one should start from the
beginning, presently this is the Packages file.

The concrete incident that caused me to file the bug was somewhat artificial,
however, I see things like this from time to time when updating my mirror.



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