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Bug#182349: anna: Should reload packages file if something went wrong last time

severity 182349 wishlist

Just correcting the speeling :)

mån 2003-02-24 klockan 21.09 skrev Thomas Viehmann:
> Package: anna
> Version: N/A; reported 2003-02-24
> Severity: whishlist
> I think it would often be preferable if anna (i.e. menu option Load installer
> modules) would reload package files if called for the second time.
> (However, please feel free to close this bug if you disagree.)

First I thought you meant the Packages files that are downloaded and
parsed, but then I guess you meant the actual packages? :)

How do I detect the difference between "Oops, I forgot a package, let's
go get it" and "Damn, package X isn't working, I'd better download it
again"? I could always *ask*, but I want to minimize the number of
questions asked.

Keep also in mind that packages that are downloaded are verified by
their md5 checksums and I doubt that a re-download will improve the
situation. If you have truly fucked up something, I think a reboot is
better anyway.


PS: Why maintonly?

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