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Bug#180032: choose-mirror: Error message for failure


Martin Sjögren wrote:
> I don't see how these bug reports are related at all. Isn't this more of
> a cdebconf issue? It fails and everything goes boom. I think you should
> report this on cdebconf instead.
Like the submitter, I had a problem with the download mirror and tried to change it.
>From the original bugreport I figured that he had got back to the main menu.
Also, like him and you, I believe that this is probably a cdebconf problem.

So to me it looked as it was the same bug, that's why I didn't file a new one.
(I can do so, though, if you prefer.) It probably needs to be reassigned.
However, I don't think I'm qualified to reassign this bug. Sorry for not
pointing this out more clearly.



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