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Re: [d-i] Unused packages?

sön 2003-02-23 klockan 17.46 skrev Petter Reinholdtsen:
> The following packages used in d-i at all.
>   udeb                      version in cvs  version in sid  needs upload
>   ----------------------------------------------------------------------
>   kdetect                   0.1-2           n/a             yes
>   lmod-detect-pci           0.5-2           n/a             yes
>   partkit                   0.02            n/a             yes
>   selectdevice              0.1-2           n/a             yes
> Should we remove them from CVS, to avoid wasting time translating
> their messages, and avoiding confusing new developers (like me :)?  I
> suggest we remove them.

Couldn't agree more, remove them. They'll still be in the attic if we
need to resurrect them.


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