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cdrom-checker_0.01_i386.changes is NEW

(new) cdrom-checker_0.01.dsc optional debian-installer
(new) cdrom-checker_0.01.tar.gz optional debian-installer
(new) cdrom-checker_0.01_all.udeb optional debian-installer
Verify the cd contents
 Use this module to verify the current installation cdrom.
Changes: cdrom-checker (0.01) unstable; urgency=low
  * Initial Release.
  * André Luís Lopes :
    - Converted to use po-debconf and added debian/po/output to ensure
      UTF-8 templates.
    - Bumped Build-Depends-Indep on debhelper from version (>= 4.1.13)
      to (>= 4.1.16) and added Build-Depends-Indep on po-debconf
      (>= 0.5.0) to ensure UTF-8 templates.
    - Added pt_BR (Brazilian Portuguese) template translation.
    _ Updated pt_BR template translations to reflect newer
      Descriptions which were marked as translatable.
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