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Re: Network install of Woody

#include <hallo.h>
* John Summerfield [Fri, Feb 21 2003, 02:10:57PM]:

> > to be a lot of interest, but not too much concrete input. Maybe
> > one of the issues is there are so many ways to get it to work?
> If I were to write it (assuming I knew enough, which at present I don't), you
> could probably point out errors, but not the inadequacies.
> At present, I in my ignorance am well-equipped to locate the latter. If I wait
> until I have worked through it and found a path that works, then it will become
> clear enough that I will no longer be able to indentify clearly what's missing,
> what facts I have assumed but which might not be known to others.

What about making notices on your way? Later, you can review them and
remember what caused the problems and how another person may solve the
problem easier.

Um sich von einer zu großen Liebe oder Duldsamkeit für etwas zu
heilen, muß man nicht die Feinde davon lesen, sondern die Freunde.
		-- Jean Paul

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