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Re: Image file too large for low memory

On 18 Feb 2003, Owen B. Mehegan wrote:

> The laptop has 256M. I was just thinking of "low memory" as in the first
> 640K of RAM in x86 memory layout.
> I was not using the tftpd-hpa server, so I will try that now and let you
> know how it goes. Also, my card has several boot method options,
> including PXE and TCP/IP. I was using TCP/IP. Should I try PXE?

Just a day or two ago, I (at last!) managed to get a machine here to PXE-boot.

The ROM code gets pxelinux.0, quite a small file, and that gets other files and
displays menus and gives you choices about what to load.

So far, I've loaded (Red Hat) Linux kernels and DRDOS 6.0 (a 720K floppy)
without difficulty. According to the syslinux docs I can download quite a large
file (limited by RAM) and run it. It seems likely to me that pxelinux is
running in protected mode.

John Summerfield

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