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Building install floppies


Sorry if this is just noise, but I tried to build install disks and got the
below after "make build". The result in "make floppy_image" is what can be
predicted from the output.
I have read all the docs in doc/ and the build/README, but will confess that
I've more or less have just added the builddeps from unstable and try to use
fakeroot for make build and su(do) only for make floppy_image.
Is this just the current state of affairs or is there something I'm doing wrong?
(If it's too complicated to explain and you don't have time ATM, that's OK, too,
but I'd love learn about d-i (and in my book this means building it, too.))



System stats
Installed udebs: di-utils-shell rootskel anna main-menu cdebconf-udeb udpkg
busybox-udeb dash-udeb kernel-image-2.4.19-386-udeb choose-mirror net-retriever
netcfg-static netcfg-dhcp pump-udeb modutils-basic ethdetect
nic-modules-shared-2.4.19-386-udeb socket-modules-2.4.19-386-udeb
isa-pnp-modules-2.4.19-386-udeb nic-modules-2.4.19-386-udeb
Total system size: 2.5M (1.4M libs, 356K kernel modules)
Initrd size: 970k
Kernel size: 656k
Free space: -186k

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