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booting on CD for a 7043/150

I'm trying to get DI code running for a 7043/150 powerpc box. Since the
kernel image and everything is too big to fit on a floppy, the only
solution is to boot on CD.

After some looking around, I have found the following information:

The CD must have a PReP partition to boot on, and point to a zImage.chrp
kernel image (which I compiled myself from a 2.4.20 tarball)

I think I have made a correct CD. Typically I have built the image like

/usr/bin/mkisofs -graft-points -f -R -r -l -J -prep-boot linux -o /home/timo/cranky.img -- linux=/home/timo/cranky/linux net-initrd.gz=/home/timo/cranky/net-initrd.gz

When I try to boot it from OF, it says ok, but nothing happens:

0 > boot cdrom:,linux console=ttyS0
0 >

That's it .. nothing afterwards ..


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