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Problems with installation

I have encountered problems installing Debian
>The "boot.bat" on the cd does not work.  Apparently the "choose" command is not recognized by my system when booted with a Windoze boot disk
>when I manuall enter the "loadlin" command line, I get an "invalid compression type" error using "lin24"
>I'm attempting to install the 2.4.18 kernel on my laptop because the 2.2 kernel locks up on initializing my pcmcia cdrom.  RedHat used it fine.  I rawrited the 1.44 .bin's and the root doesn't have pcmcia support nor can I find any reference as to how to force the boot to ask for the driver disks I rawrited to see if the support modules are on them; I'm attempting to use an EXP 24x cdrom (L024)
The 2.4.18 kernel loaded fine on my desktop using a SCSI cdrom and autobooting the 2.4 rescue on disk 5; the "choose" line in the boot.bat was not recognised by it either.  I had to remove pcmcia support after installing on the desktop.

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